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The Sekhemkhet Virtual Hardware Interface

The Sekhemkhet Virtual Hardware Interface, or Sekhemkhet for short, is a flexible, extensible, free and open-source faux hardware interface for developers to utilise as a custom, Java-based hardware emulator. The emulated hardware is designed from scratch; the display supports an array of resolutions, bit depths, image modes, paletting options, and much more. The audio I/O supports a multitude of frequencies, data widths, and channels in raw PCM format; for input developers have access to the users’ entire keyboard, as well as console controller support from the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlaySation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Or at least that is what the project hopes to achieve. In time.

Technical specifications

The Senusret RPG Engine is written in Java, and utilises the OpenJDK Java Runtime Environment, version 8 (1.8). It operates on an OpenGL Pixel Buffer Object (PBO) for display and provides different display layer types serving different purposes; the sound I/O takes 8-bit or 16-bit signed PCM sound input, spanning between 8kHz and 48kHz in frequency and operating in either mono or stereo. The US keyboard is supported for input, and later in development support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers as well as PlayStation ¾ controllers will be added